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Ring Size Chart

Finding the ideal ring size can be quite tricky, especially if you’re shopping for rings online. Your ring should fit your finger comfortably and fit snug enough so that it will not fall off easily, but at the same time loose enough to have it slide over your knuckle with some resistance. Here are a few easy methods which you may try to make sure your ring fits perfectly every time!

Measure Your Finger Using A Piece of Paper.

You’ll need a pen, ruler, paper, and scissors.

1. Cut a strip of paper evenly and wrap it around the base of the finger that you want to measure

2. Make sure the paper feels snug against your skin to ensure the perfect fit.

3. Mark where the paper meets.

4. Place the paper against a ruler and measure the length of your finger’s circumference.

5. Use the ring size conversion chart to find your ideal size.

6. Consider your knuckle; Repeat the process around your knuckle if your knuckle is larger than the base of your finger. Compare the two sizes and consider ordering half a size bigger than what your finger alone indicates to slide the ring over your knuckles into the right place.

** You may follow the steps above using a measuring tape for more accurate measurements.

Circumference (mm)Diameter (mm)UK, Europe,& AustraliaUnited States& CanadaCN / SG / JP& Malaysia
44.814.3F ½5
45.514.5G3 ½
46.114.7G ½6
47.415.1H ½
48.015.3I4 ½8
49.315.7J ½59
50.616.1K ½5 ½10
51.916.5L ½61 1
53.116.9M ½6 ½13
54.417.3N ½714
55.717.7O ½7 ½15
57.018.1P ½816
58.318.5Q ½8 ½17
59.519.0R ½918
60.819.4S ½9 ½19
62.119.8T ½1020
62.720.0U 21
63.420.2U ½10 ½22
64.620.6V ½1123
65.921.0W ½11 ½24
67.221.4X ½1225
68.521.8Z12 ½26
69.122.0Z ½  
69.722.2 1327
70.422.4Z + 1  
71.022.6 13 ½ 

Measure A Ring You Already Own

You’ll need a ring that fits you well on your intended finger, a piece of paper, a ruler, and a pen.

1. Find a ring that fits you well.               

2. Trace the inside edge of the ring onto a piece of paper.

3. Measure its diameter using a ruler.

4. Determine your ideal size by referring to the ring size conversion chart.

Buy Your Own Ring Sizer

For the most accurate measurement, purchasing your own ring-measurement tool may be the best option. Ring sizers don’t tend to be expensive and there are various options available online. If you love to purchase and expand your ring collection or if you’re shopping for rings for your loved ones, keeping a ring sizer may come in handy!

Skip The Hassle of Measuring And Get An Adjustable Ring!

Are you finding the above methods too tedious or perhaps you don’t have a ruler or measuring tape lying around? Shop SARABELLA’S rings as they are all adjustable! Take the guesswork out and just purchase an adjustable ring which can fit all fingers of any size! Stylishly and practical. SARABELLA’s adjustable rings are not only an essential accessory but also a perfect gift for your loved one.

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